Dental Implants

The guided implant process:

Dr. Ravens utilizes the latest technologies for guided dental implant surgery. During your consultation appointment, he will take all the necessary radiographs to evaluate your mouth for dental implants using a digital Carestream 9000 CBCT machine. He will then take a digital impression of your teeth using his CEREC camera. This information is combined and your surgery is planned virtually. Utilizing the latest 3-D Printers, he will fabricate a surgical guide custom fit to your mouth that will allow the implant to be placed in the proper location and decrease surgery time.

Guided surgery has an enormous benefit over traditional implant surgery.  Dr. Ravens lectures on the process and benefits of guided dental implant surgery for BlueSkyBio, a dental implant company. His lectures are held under the tutelage of Dr. Arun Garg, found of Implant Seminars, the leading dental implant educator in America. He offers free consultations and necessary radiographs for those interested in exploring their options for replacing missing teeth.

The above show the virtual treatment plan. We are able to safely avoid the sinus. The created surgical guide allowed us to place the implant according to our plan. Our x-ray taken after surgery shows the accuracy of guided implant surgery. The surgery was completed in approximately fifteen minutes.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, dental implants provide options that are most like natural teeth.
Dental implants may help your overall quality of life by:
• Minimizing oral bone loss
• Preserving your natural facial contour and appearance
• Reducing the potential compromise to adjacent healthy teeth
• Restoring self esteem and self confidence
• Providing options to enjoy a wide variety of food again
• Improved nutrition

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