After a Root Canal

Post-operative Endodontic Instructions

It is normal for your tooth to be sore for the first few days after root canal therapy has been initiated or completed.  Initially, soft foods are recommended, as they will provide less discomfort while chewing.  The soreness may continue for up to one week. Your tooth may feel different the second and third weeks. By the fourth week, it should feel like your other teeth.

I advise you to take one tablet (200mg) of Naprosyn (brand name Aleve) twice a day for at least three days to aid in post-operative healing and help manage any discomfort. This is an anti-inflammatory pain medication that will reduce the inflammation that is usually responsible for the pain in the area treated.  If this does not alleviate your symptoms, please call the office.  If you were given additional prescriptions, please take as directed in conjunction with the Aleve.

A very small percentage of patients (less than 5%) experience post-operative swelling in the area that was treated.  If this happens, or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office.  Thank you for entrusting me with your dental care.

Dr. Michael Ravens D.M.D.
Dr. Daniel Ravens D.M.D.

Ravens Family Dental