After Tooth Extractions

Post-Operative Care After Tooth Extraction

1. Bite on gauze for 30 minutes with constant pressure.  No talking, eating or drinking during this time.  It is normal to ooze blood for 24 hours, and when mixed with saliva it may appear like a lot of blood.  If you take Aspirin or other forms of blood thinners, you may take longer to form a blood clot.  If you feel you have not formed a clot, fold a damp paper towel into a little square and bite with constant pressure for 30 full minutes.  If you have any questions about your bleeding, please call our office.

2. Please avoid the following for 3 days:
a. Smoking (nicotine patches or gum is preferred)
b. Drinking through a straw
c. Drinking alcoholic beverages
d. Drinking carbonated beverages
e. Drinking hot liquids
f. Blowing your nose or repressing a sneeze
g. Forceful spitting
h. Strenuous exercise
****Any of these things may cause the blood clot (nature’s precious band aid) to dislodge from the socket, resulting in an extremely painful “Dry Socket.”

3. Do maintain a soft diet.  If you do not have nutrition going in, you will not heal properly.  This is not the time to diet!

4. Do brush and floss your teeth, but be gentle around the area.

5. Do take any prescribed medications as directed.

6. 24 hours after your extraction, you may begin salt water rinses, gently, as follows:  ¼ teaspoon salt in 1 cup warm water, every 4 hours as needed.

7. Do not hesitate to call with any questions!  781-944-0464